How to survive in OAU as a fresher

How to survive in OAU as a fresher

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Newly admitted as a fresher 

If you have been newly admitted to the great Oba awon University or as people like to call it Odaju Abiamo university, I say welcome to you. Getting into the university is only one of hardest hurdles you will have to cross.

Congratulations to you for crossing one  of your hurdles.Good luck in crossing the rest. I don’t mean to scare you but you will find out more as you read on.

The first two to four weeks is usually the  hardest. Most freshers usually lose much weight after experiencing the stress . You will have to climb through the many staircases in the school. Trust me it’s not an easy thing to deal with.

You might even have to wake up as early as three am to get to class and you would be surprised to see people already waiting in the classes if you are a science student. I’m sure you are probably thinking it’s an exaggeration but wait till you see it with your own two eyes. You would be as shocked as I was.

How to survive  Your first week as a Fresher

The first week is usually for registration of all sorts. You will have to do your Halls of residence registration if you are lucky enough to secure school accommodation,faculty registration if you are lucky there won’t be queues but if you are not you will wish you didn’t choose Oau , departmental registration, library registration and the most stressful one yet, health centre registration.

You must come with all the needed documents if you do not want to go back to your lodge with Your head pounding and with your leg wobbling in pain. Remember mummy and daddy won’t be there to massage your legs for you. Watch out for the people who do printouts they are always ready to swindle freshers. A fresher last year did photocopy for thirty naira per copy. You have to shine your eyes well if you don’t  want to go broke very fast.

Make sure you spend your first week wisely,you don’t want to know what I went through. Oau bike men are ready to make you pay as much two hundred naira to  take you to a venue that  you can walk to. Walk the campus with friends and know your different venues for classes.

Please be wise in choosing your friends, some people are ready to eat your foodstuff and spend your money if you are doing stupid ajebutter. Most courses have specific venues from year to year.


How to survive your second week as a fresher 

If you successfully passed through the first week, without going broke or lemme say bankrupt then you passed the first test. let me quickly chip in this,faculty and departmental registration have some charges which ranges from department to department.

Now you are welcome to the week of marathon races. The second week of resumption. The week when the timetables have been set. Endeavor to make sure you are on all group pages for your faculty and department so you will be well informed about the venues.

If you don’t register on time and get on this groups, you might have started your journey to failure. If you don’t get to the classes on time, you might end up standing for an entire hour or two as the case may be. It’s not an easy thing oo because your leg will hurt so bad and you will hardly hear the lecturer or see the board which means your notes will start becoming incomplete but thanks to some tricks I used I was able to always get seat at the front.

Then don’t forget to eat well. You can choose to buy food which is expensive by the way or cook by yourself. Just eat well. I mean eat plenty food so you can fight your way through the crowd without fainting, to get a good seat.


What happens after two weeks of resumption ?

After two weeks you should be getting accustomed to the school environment. If you are a science student or dramatic art student, your life is even harder. As soon as you are getting used to running from one place to another the time table for practicals and compulsory tutorials will be released if you are a science student.

If you are a dramatic art student come with black tops and trousers. Please enjoy your holidays because you will have to work out,jog almost every morning,dance, do overnight rehearsals,and still attend classes in the morning.

I believe you can do it, you might have blisters on your feet and you may feel like dropping out of school but you won’t give up because your parents are waiting for your results. You now you have more things to worry about. Don’t worry you will survive. I survived.


Surviving Exams and tests

As soon as you are getting used to the idea of your whole week full of classes and you are trying to create space for your relationship you know na anglomoz,timetables for mid semester examination will be dropped one after the other. At that point you will notice that you have been piling up notes and you need to read. So you might engage in tutorials or you might choose to do night reading. white house is usually the first to drop timetable followed by yellow house and then department of zoology and the others.

Be prepared to start juggling classes with tutorials, I will advise that you start tutorials very early and also start reading early.
For science students the tests are usually on Saturdays but for the others, you might have tests during weekdays and on short notice. So always be prepared. Never lose hope because after the tests

As the test results start coming out, people stop running to classes. Most people have failed and have started realizing that getting good grades is not by classes. I will encourage that you read as much as you go to class. Some people don’t even attend classes but they are still excellent students. I will stress the fact that you must learn time management.

There will be parties. I mean a lot of parties,don’t get carried away with extracurriculars but it doesn’t mean you should not involve yourself in extra curricular activities as well. OAU no dey carry last when it comes to socializing. You can party, do sports, involve yourself in debates and so on and still pass. It depends on how you allocate your time.

Your exam timetable will start coming out a month before the exam. This is the time most smart students begin to study efficiently. My biggest advise to any fresher is to never under estimate the power of OAU examinations. Even if you were the best in your secondary school don’t think it is going to be the same in OAU.

If you are well prepared I mean extremely prepared you will be victorious over the wicked questions. I forgot to mention our famous slang “Shana” please don’t let that word get into your head. When everyone keeps shouting Shana Shana it doesn’t mean OAU examinations cannot burn you. Even if it is OBJ read and study your class notes. In OAU, you reading for an exam doesn’t mean you will pass, so imagine if you don’t read.

Lastly the real surviving is when you see your results during second semester. If you carry any course over, make sure you don’t lose hope over your GP. Some students last year tried to commit suicide after seeing their results. You have to learn to survive. Every thing in school won’t be rosie. Try your best, watch movies, laugh hard and enjoy going to school. That’s how to survive in OAU as a fresher.

How to survive in OAU as a fresher


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